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A surprisingly refreshing experience of energetic, disciplined and gifted Southern artists.  Inspired arrangements of The Kempters entertain and enthuse, drawing congregations and audiences in--with strengthening cords of faith--as extended family." 


Teresa Kempter

Teresa Kempter was the matriarch and soundman for The Kempters. The glue that holds this motley crew together.

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In the early part of 2016 she began her battle with cancer, though she was not officially diagnosed until July 5th, 2016. She fought bravely, but to live here on earth was not her calling. She passed away on March 10th and is now in Glory where she is singing with the saints who have gone on before. We miss her everyday, but the sweet legacy she left behind will not be forgotten. This is how we remember her - a face filled with joy as she watched her family spread the Good News. She was always proud of us and even in her sufferings she wanted us to keep singing, just keep singing. So that is what we are doing - We love you Momma and we know you are still proud of us as we try everyday to carry on.

R.I.P. SEPT 22ND, 1961 - MARCH 10TH, 2017


Here's a few pictures from years past - enjoy!


The Kempters

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