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A surprisingly refreshing experience of energetic, disciplined and gifted Southern artists.  Inspired arrangements of The Kempters entertain and enthuse, drawing congregations and audiences in--with strengthening cords of faith--as extended family." 


Nathan Kempter 

Artist Extraordinaire  

At 28, Nathan is so multi-talented, it's hard to keep everything straight. He can do anything he puts his mind to and has many projects that are on going. He makes Trailer Hitch Covers - check out his website Some of the other things he makes are -  knives, guitars, chessboards and furniture. He also does welding, photography, cinematography, and is a recording engineer - just to start the list!

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Nathan’s wife, Trisha - at the Christmas Show this last year. She sang so beautifully! And we did manage to get one cute picture of her during this photoshoot.

Nathan 5.jpg
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The photo above is of a beautiful knife made with damascus, bone and has his handprint logo cut into the blade.

This is a guitar body he made that was hand painted by McCal Joy from Minnesota.

Leonidas Stainless Flag - THC 1.jpg

We all love chess, but this piece means more to us. It is the Queen he made after Momma passed away. 

Another one of his awesome knives! A birthday gift for Poppa. ( Poppa made the leather sheath.)

New Imperial Crest THC 1.jpg

Just a few of Nathan's many hitch designs. Check out his website. Link under other picture. 

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Nathan does not consider himself an animal person, but a few have been his favorites. Rufus, the racing pigeon and, Skin and Bones - the twin squirrels.


A snapshot of Momma and Nathan when he was just a wee lad.

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