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A surprisingly refreshing experience of energetic, disciplined and gifted Southern artists.  Inspired arrangements of The Kempters entertain and enthuse, drawing congregations and audiences in--with strengthening cords of faith--as extended family." 


Chris Kempter

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Christopher Kempter plays the fiddle or violin, depending on whichever is needed at the moment. He sings tenor, baritone, and a little bass, though not at the same time.He graduated in 2016, is 21 years old and is now learning light and sound engineering programs. He loves sports, specializing in tennis, soccer and an occasional game of golf. Art seems to run in the family, and Chris is no exception. He has
recently started an Etsy shop, (check it out below), for his paintings, drawings and whatever else strikes his fancy. He has also done a
bit of metal work, crafting rings out of silver and sometimes
quarters. He has tried his hand at knife making and other odds and ends. He is a professional powdercoater - working for his older brother Nathan, never have you seen someone so dirty as he, after he leaves the powder coating booth! Like all of us, he enjoys shooting guns, snowboarding, and anything else daring that people suggest for us to try. He is currently on the team - "Lucky Cheese" with Charli, against Poppa and Nathan and every night after dinner you will hear the sound of fooseball in a epic battle for the championship title! Not sure who's winning right now.....Same with chess - endless games, always a rivalry. He's not a bad chess player either. His favorite pastime though, much to Jo's annoyance, is chasing her ducks. He is an uncertified diesel mechanic, having his fair share of experience working on the band's bus. A complete jokester at ALL times, he can be a real terror when he wants to be!

Chris' first attempt at drawing. Not half bad....

Chris made this ring for Momma for her last birthday. Her favorite color was blue.


Kempter Kanvas

Chris has recently starting painting and has his own Etsy shop called KempterKanvas. You can check it out at the link here...

kilo ren.jpg
stacy' boat.jpg

I searched and finally found this rare picture of Chris and Momma together. They always seemed to end up on opposite sides of group photos. 

The Kempters

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