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A surprisingly refreshing experience of energetic, disciplined and gifted Southern artists.  Inspired arrangements of The Kempters entertain and enthuse, drawing congregations and audiences in--with strengthening cords of faith--as extended family." 


Charli Kempter

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Charli Marie Kempter, at 16 years old is the caboose of the Kempter clan. Born on Father's Day, 2003 and named after him, she holds the prestigious position as the apple of her Poppa's eye. She plays the drums and is therefore the true leader of the band - or so we tell her! She enjoys cooking with her sisters and is quickly learning to hold her own in the kitchen. She can make a mean apple pie, let me tell ya! Charli is always in the middle of everything - she won't be left out, so you will find her right there with the rest of us, shooting guns, skiing, wakeboarding and hiking with the best of 'em! She has recently taken up watercolor art and is painting lovely little sailboats. Her favorite pastime is reading - anywhere, anytime, anyplace. She loves cats, kittens never go unnoticed around her. She loves traveling - she would be happy if we were always on the road! 

She dreams of sailing the world on a 45 foot catamaran. 

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Momma and her little baby, Charli...

She's not so little anymore! 

The Kempters

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