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A surprisingly refreshing experience of energetic, disciplined and gifted Southern artists.  Inspired arrangements of The Kempters entertain and enthuse, drawing congregations and audiences in--with strengthening cords of faith--as extended family." 



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People assume that we as a band do things the traditional way - that we operate with an agent, we don’t ever see emails or messages, and that we are hard, if not (impossible!) to get in touch with. Not the case at all!

We have never had an agent - never needed one. We work by word of mouth - you telling someone, who tells someone else, and so on. We do all our own press-work, videos, recording, we answer our own messages, emails and phone calls, etc. We are actually pretty easy to get in touch with and are happy to help!

Another thing people assume is that they have no say on where we sing. Wrong again! We go where we are asked to go. Big churches, little churches - community events and everything in between. You would not believe the number of times we have been invited to places, just because someone talked about us!

You have the opportunity to be the person that gets us in your area or church. Simply talk to the people in charge - you never know what might happen! Share a video on social media. Invite someone to a concert, share our music with a friend - the possibilities are endless!

Help be the hands and feet that spread the light of Christ! Hope to see you out there someday!

God Bless! The Kempters 


The Kempters

Americana Worship

Matthew 5:16

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